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Technical screens

Special technical screens for use in:

Food industry

  • mills
  • honey processing
  • manufacture of starch
  • dairies
  • pasta drying
  • production of tea

Science and research

  • research centers
  • laboratories
  • universities

Building industry

  • manufacture of roofing materials
  • separation of powdery materials

Chemical industry

  • production of powder coatings
  • production of paints and varnishes
  • production of biological preparation
  • production of industrial chemicals
  • production of construction chemicals
  • production of fertilizers and agricultural chemicals

Glass industry

  • production of glass
  • production of fashion jewellery

Screen printing

Cosmetic industry

Pharmaceutical industry

  • production of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements

Engineering industry

  • production of industrial machines and equipment for the food industry


  • ecology and wastewater disposal
  • production of filtration and cleaning equipment
  • filtration of liquids
  • sewage treatment plants
  • process of iontophoresis, electrophoresis, electrodialysis


  • production of industrial screens and filtration media


  • fishery
  • fish breeding

Other industries

  • kaolin mining
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Fabrics for residential purposes

Decorative curtains

Woven curtains – voiles

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Warp knitted fabric

For the production of advertising

  • flags and flappers
  • banners

For the production of sportswear and underwear

For upholsterers

Production of workwear

Production of mops

Production of tyres

Production of accessories for strollers and car seats

Automotive industry

Wastewater treatment, separation

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Parachute fabrics

For production of parachutes

For production of emergency and reserve parachutes

For production of brake parachutes

For production of sports parachutes

For production of paragliders

For production of balloons

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Antistatic fabrics with carbon and metal yarn Peel plies Fabrics for special purposes Fabrics for other technical purposes

Antistatic fabrics with carbon and metal yarn

For production of filters for a clean environment

For healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

For eliminating of static charge

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Peel plies

For the automotive industry

For the aerospace industry

For the production of laminates

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Fabrics for special purposes

Camouflage fabrics

For production of equipment for the army and other armed forces

For production of functional clothing for the uniformed services

For production of functional clothing and outfit components for rescue sections

For production of working and protective clothing

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Fabrics for other technical purposes

Production of bags

Production of advertising

  • Photo-pictures
  • Advertising tablecloths
  • Banners

Production of air embroidery (using water soluble fabrics)

Production of awnings and marquises

For funerals

Production of theatre decorations

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Natural silk fabrics Woven and knitted fabrics according to specific requirements of our customers

Natural silk fabrics

Production of artificial flowers

Treatment of rare archivals (vintage clothing, books)

Production of clothing accessories

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Fabrics according to specific requirements of our customers

We are ready to flexibly respond to all specific requirements of our customers in various areas of final use, from the stage of development, testing and pilot plant up to the mass production.

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